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Zed-FULL- Immobiliser Solutions by IEA.

Zed Full is the most professional and the unique all in one immobiliser device in the world with these features;

Fix and crypto transponder cloning,

Remote cloning

Eeprom applications to generate transponder datas and pincodes

Programming key-remote through OBD-II ports on car for various car brands.

Zed FuLL is designed to meet all your needs related with electronic side of locksmithing and Immobiliser systems.Zed FULL has 5 different antennas for 125 Khz transponder reading and cloning, reading 13,56 Mhz hotel door cards& tags, measuring 315,433,868 Mhz remote signals, Reading and cloning Holden Commodore remote keys and programming keys for VAG Group cars.Regular s will keep you at the top and one step ahead from all of your competitors.


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